Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Gone by Michael Grant

Title: Gone
Author: Michael Grant
Publication Date: 
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Pages: 558

In the blink of an eye.Everyone disappears.Gone.Everyone except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Gone, too, are the phones, internet, and television. There is no way to get help.Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents—unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers—that grow stronger by the day.It's a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen and war is imminent.
My Review: Yes, it did take me almost a month to finish this but since it was over 500 pages, some parts got a little slow so I read other books. It was a very exciting sci-fi/dystopian. I really enjoyed the action and how the characters used the language that teens do these days.
         The characters, well this might take a few moments. Sam, our main  protagonist, is almost fifteen. When everyone blinks out, all the memories from a long time ago, when the class was on a field trip and the driver had a heart attack so Sam drove the bus, come rushing back. He knows they shouldn't freak out but then again he knows everyone will be. After he, Astrid, Quinn, and Edilio team up, they start trying to get things in order in Perdido Beach. I loved how the characters weren't trying to take over the universe like I figured they would, but they were scared and worried but knew they had to be strong for the younger ones.
         The plot of this story was very....interesting? The idea of everyone fifteen and over leaving all of a sudden, sounded very exciting and was the reason I decided to pick up this novel. How would you deal with it if you had no cellphones or internet? These kids had to deal with that and a whole lot more including some very strange coyotes. The only complaint was that all was happening for the first 100 pages was  ''No, we need to do this not that.'' '' They can't do that, that will hurt the city even more!''. Do you see how that got on my nerves sometimes? About 250 pages in, it started getting ALOT better. 
          Overall, this book was very enjoyable but could've had more happening in the first 100 pages. This was a great start to the first in the series and I can't wait to pick up the next novel, Hunger.

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  1. I'm glad you liked this book overall, Taylor! The first 100 pages sound pretty frustrating. :( But I'm glad you got through it, and ended up enjoying this book. Hopefully, the series will get better and better! Great review!


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